Sound system of halls, multipurpose rooms, cafes and offices, …

An example of sound system at a multipurpose hall: Bizeljsko Istenič

The hall is used for various:

  • large groups,
  • events,
  • dinners and
  • weddings.

In the hall, we installed three pairs of ATEO 6 speakers and two WX502 waterproof outdoor speakers outside. For the central system we used the MA-125GU amplifier, which also allows the zone regulation. We also made a suitable connection of the speakers.

For example, if the hall is hosted by a small group, only the first two pairs of speakers are activated, but if there is a large group of people, all the speakers can be activated, and they can also enjoy listening to the music or speech outside.

There was also a FDM-1050 Wired Dynamic Microphone for the needs of speeches and lectures added.

Since the hall also has a video projection, at the presentations also audio is needed. The lecturer is easily connected to the external door to the central speaker system. In this way the entire hall has the ability to play images and sound.

An example of a coffee shop – Using a matrix system

In the bar, which has several spaces, the client had the following wishes:

  • In the toilet and in the corridors, quiet music of the noise of the water should be played, and
  • in the main place the radio should be broadcasted.
  • Classical music should be played on the outdoor terrace.

We used CIRA7 built-in speakers and for the central system we used the matrix system MTX48, which allows you to play different music in four rooms. We needed separate speaker connections to the speakers. The speakers are powered by a 100V four-zone CAP412 amplifier. As a player, we installed the XMP44 modular unit, where you can install an Internet radio IMP40, a media player (USB) MMP40, a FMP40 messenger, a DAP radio DMP40, a BMP40 bluetooth player. With the help of the matrix system, you can play music at your own discretion if you like. The matrix system and the modular unit also provide a LAN connection. Audac has developed a user-friendly application for smartphones with which one can easily control the entire system. Any choice of radio stations for each space separately, selecting music from the USB storage medium, raising or lowering the volume in each space separately.

Such systems are also suitable for the sound system of business premises.

Reference: Sound system of halls, multipurpose rooms, cafes and offices, …