Sound system

What is a sound system?

It is a set of electronic devices that amplify sound energy in order for information (speech and music) to sound good and understandable

Is it important how we set up the sound system?

Every space we want to set the sound system in requires its special approach and attention. For example in order to regulate the sound system in churches, we want to achieve the best possible comprehension in each corner of the church. This requires a certain knowledge of physical principles and a lot of experience.

Life without a sound system is practically impossible to imagine today. The preparation of cultural, social, educational as well as private events requires the concern to “hear well”. But the thing is often not as simple as it looks at first glance: different spaces, events and wishes require different approaches to the setting up the sound system, and we at Elektroakustika can help you with rich experience. We can take care of both the preparation of the project of sound system , the supply and, of course, the installation of everything necessary.