Acoustical treatment

Awareness that a space really is complete only when acoustically perfected is slowly expanding in the Slovenian environment and we really hope times when the acoustics in spaces was forgotten about even in projects directly related to the music, slowly are passing.

The sound in the room is a very important factor which has a strong influence on people; not only in terms of the quality of the implementation activities, but also to the well-being and even human health. Thus, acoustic treatment of space is no longer just something to consider when concert halls and halls similar like it are in the play; perhaps even more important is that we acoustically regulate those areas where we spend most of our time. The sound has a physiological, psychological, cognitive and behavioral impact on human; simply listening to a sound can stimulate the secretion of certain hormones that affect the heart rhythm, respiration and brain waves… Often held (or even work) in the acoustically unregulated area, can (more or less directly) cause a variety of health problems, for example increased blood pressure, increased stress, hearing and vocal damage, poor wellbeing …

In the context of acoustic we talk about the suitability of an area for the transmission of sound – of its acoustic quality. If the room is acoustically quality, it has at all points acceptable speech intelligibility without the use of electro-acoustic devices (this is mainly influenced by the geometry of space together with the corresponding high-profile time, which is achieved by the proper selection and arrangement of absorbent surfaces).

For acoustic treatment in our company we use acoustic materials of well-known Portuguese company Vicoustic. In arranging acoustic problems we can help with the measurements of noise, reverberation time, intelligibility factor (STI) … We can provide projection, supply and installation.