Only acoustically treated space is pleasant to stay in!

With us sound becomes pleasant.

Life without sounding is virtually impossible to imagine today. The preparation of cultural, social, educational as well as private events from the organizer in every way also requires the concern to "hear well". But the thing is often not as simple as it looks at first glance: different spaces, events and intentions require different approaches to sounding, and here Elektroakoustika can help you with a wealth of experience.

The awareness that the space is really finished only when it is acoustically finished is slowly expanding in the Slovene environment, and also because of this, we hope that the times when the acoustics were forgotten even in projects directly related to music are slowly passing.

Sound in the room is an extremely important factor, which has a strong impact on people; not only in terms of the quality of the activity, but also on the well-being and even of the health of man.

In dealing with sound and hearing, we must not forget people with hearing difficulties. For the deaf and the hard of hearing, the inductive loop is one of the finest ways of transmitting sound; with it, we get rid of the unpleasant noise of the surroundings and concentrate listening to the desired message.

Unfortunately, nowadays we can not even imagine a company or a safe home without technical protection. Our company offers you complete implementation of the alarm system in your office space or at home. We are installing proven and reliable alarm systems from a European manufacturer (we are certified for Jablotron systems). You can choose between wired or wireless systems that allow you to call on the phone as well as adding additional sensors and sirens.

Multimedia has become an indispensable factor in both business and private life.  As we are aware of its importance, in recent years we have been devoting a lot to such projects, upgrading our knowledge and accumulating a good number of experiences. We can offer you the full multimedia equipment of conference rooms, meeting rooms, ...

Live streamig or streaming is a video of the event, event, sv. a mass that is broadcast live online. This playback mode is quite widespread on social networks. Streaming allows us to be present at an event, although this is happening on the other end of the world, or for any reason at home.

About Elektroakustika

Elektroakustika is a small company, which consists of experienced experts from various fields. Due to the expertise, experience and our involvement in musical creation, we know what we are talking about when we say that the sound with us becomes friendly.

Recent projects

In the past we have already came across various installations of sound systems, acoustics arrangements in various areas and many other challenges, which you can see among our references: