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Customer impressions

We were very pleased with Elektroakustika. Mr. Marko gave us very good and professional advice in our projects as well he carried out all the work we’ve ordered in acoustic renovation of halls and classrooms with quality. We ecommended your company to all that asked us or required similar services. Also in the future, we wish to cooperate with you.

Matija Slak, Principle of the Music School Novo Mesto

Cooperation with you has been the solution for me, because our parish church Sv. Urh was in urgent need of acoustic rehabilitation. After the earthquake the church was restored, but in the process the attention on to the audibility of the room wasn't taken into much consideration. That was a big problem, because during the celebration of worship, we almost we did not hear each other; now the problem is completely resolved.

In addition, I am also pleased with sound equipment. Unfortunately, we are on the tail of the electric grid, so we needed to replace the digital system with the analog system. But even with the analog one we are very pleased, because with all the upgrades (such as better microphones, etc.) we came to the desired audibility options and practical application of what we have.

In addition to Bovec you have also did the sound system for the church in Srpenica and Log pod Mangartom, and also with that work we are pleased
Vilijem Čušin, Bovec

The quality of the work done has exceeded all my expectations.
- The team is extremely capable and very independent.
- Work has been done in the shortest possible time.
- All arrangements and counseling were at the highest professional level.
- Because the work was so well done, I am already discussing with Mr. Bokal for the next project.
If you continue to be so active and professional you will not have any problems.
Robert Jamnik, Gymnasium Jožeta Plečnika Ljubljana

With the company Elektroakustika, our association has been operating for several years now.

All of us who are dealing with the "content" (several times a year, we organize seminars, which are attended by 200-300 people), are very happy that on the technical aspects we can be absolutely without worries - we simply "forget", as we know, that the responsible person, as Mr. Marko Selšek, is in charge.

And not only that, audibility and flawless projection at a high level, are very important, but the fact that the speaker cables, lighting, etc are not distracting to visitors counts too.

With the company Elektroakustika we want to cooperate in the future, as we are always pleased with their work (very important is also user-friendliness, reliability and availability of staff).

We wish them all the best at their future business and projects!
Dani Siter, društvo DiŽ

We are very pleased with company Elektrokustika in all aspects. Their services (from consulting to final implementation) is carried out professionally, just as we are very satisfied with their products. For some time now we work with them and so will remain in the future. I highly recommend the E @!
Marko, Šmarje pri Jelšah