Live streaming

What is streaming?

  • Live streamig is a video of an event, conference, a show or the holy mass that is which is broadcasted online. This playback mode is quite widespread on social networks. Streaming allows us to be present at an event, although this is happening on the other end of the world, or for any reason we can not attend and are at home. An example of streaming live is the direct streaming (in real time) of the holy mass« from the home church for all the elderly people who are »locked on the bed«. Another example is that you can monitor developments in municipal meetings or other important public debates.

How does streaming work?

  • For live streaming we must first have a camera that meets your desires, a device that communicates with the camera and the web, and a satisfactory bandwidth- a high speed internet. But it’s advisable that technicians who are acquainted with the transfers are behind this. So for live streaming you practically need to have a smaller recording team.

Is the whole process user-friendly?

  • Of course. Our external collaborators have developed an application that is easy to use. Upon agreement with the customer, we select the camera and the overall performance of the application that suits its needs. Usually we select a camera, which is wall-mounted and covers the frame that we want to cover. Then we select the end point of the camera’s activation, and the internet page we want to stream through. We prepare the whole application in a way the end user only have to press the button on the switch, and the transfer is already in progress.